Sunday, March 30, 2008


The shape we associate with the teapot today has been the same shape for hundreds of years. Teapots all have a spout, water compartment and lid, when the water boils steam comes out the spout and many times a whistle can be heard. Teapots are made with many different types of material but I’d say porcelain and silver are probably the most collectible. There are a wide variety of companies that make teapots. You will find many of the fine china makers will offer a teapot as a matching piece to their lines of dinnerware.
Elegant china producers often offered matching tea sets complete with teapot, cups, saucers and sugar bowl. This was very popular back in first half of the twentieth century.
There are many import teapots and tea sets made today. When I owned the store I had a man come in one Christmas season looking for a polka dot teapot. He didn’t care if it was old or new, it is what his wife collected and he was desperate to find one.
You will find that today’s teapots come in a variety of designs and shapes. They retain the spout, water compartment and lid but some are fat or rounded, some tall and elegant. I find lots of floral teapots, both vintage and new are very common in flea markets and antique stores, however, you might find some plain, fun and silly, or really cute teapots as well.
One of my customers decorated her kitchen and dinning room in teapots and teacups. She was very proud of her handiwork and brought pictures to show me and I have to say it was quite impressive. She mixed in floral and plaid, beautiful and funny teapots and teacups and they encircled two rooms. They sat on a shelf that went around the entire kitchen and dinning room. She added greenery, white gloves and old doily’s for additional decorations and the rooms were absolutely beautiful!
The few I have are in the picture and they are my Grandmother’s handy-work, she hand painted them and I of course think they are just beautiful.
I still buy teapots and tea sets when I find them at yard sales and auctions to resell. They don’t seem to sell as well as they use to but then I find eBay has really hurt the value of most collectibles. If you are a teapot collector check out eBay for some great deals and a big variety of teapots. Just watch the shipping charges, I’ve said it before those shipping charges will destroy a good deal.

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