Monday, March 17, 2008

Fenton Vases & Compotes

When I bought the antique store I didn’t know anything about antiques, vintage items or collectibles. I didn’t even know there was such a thing as art glass as a matter of fact, we bought our flea market and antique store because it was established and we had been looking for a business to build on. It was a great learning experience but I’m getting way off track here. I only mentioned the store because one of the first collectibles I encountered was Fenton Art Glass. To say I have a fondness for it is understating the situation. I use to buy and sell it and then it got so I would just buy and keep it. It is beautiful and looks very lovely mingled in with my Grandmothers china painted items.
Fenton Glass Company has been around since 1905, it began as a decorating shop then turned into a full-blown glass plant in 1906. Over the years Fenton has had hundreds of styles, shapes & objects. One of the most notable features that tend to identify a piece as Fenton is the ruffled and /or crimped edges and the smooth finish on the bottom of each piece. You will never find any rough spots on a piece of Fenton.
The pictured Fenton Vases are from my private collection. These were bought during my antique store days. When we sold our flea Market most of my booth renters ran sales and they marked items down from 20-50% off. I bought this assortment of green Fenton Vases in one of the 50% off booths.
The bright satin green vase is from the 1970’s, the color is lime sherbert. The lighter compotes are referred to as custard, made between 1952-1954. The other brighter green vases are from the 1990’s. Grouped together they make a great St. Patrick’s Day Display.
Fenton is still operating today in Williamstown West Virginia. If you ever get near Williamstown be sure to stop in and take the tour. Friends of our did that one year during their vacation and they were quite impressed with it but then any art glass lover would be!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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