Friday, March 14, 2008

End of Day Glass

End of Day Glass is also known as Whimsy Glass and Frigger Glass and although it's similar to it is often confused with slag glass. End of Day Glass is quite simply the remains of the glass that the glassmaker has at the end of the day mixed together to create a multicolored item. Sometimes, two, three or even several colors are mixed to make a unique one of a kind novelty item.
End of Day Glass and Slag glass is not the same thing although many people believe that it is. Slag glass is opaque glass with a different color added giving the items a streaking effect so it is often confused as End of Day Glass. The key to identifying the two is Slag Glass is opaque and End of Day is not.
End of Day Glass is still made by glassmakers all over the world creating whimsical items to use up leftover glass. This particular vase in the picture has a sticker on the bottom that reads Art Line - Japan, I believe it is 1970’s or 1980’s era.

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