Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Collectible Eggs

Happy Easter! Well Happy Belated Easter!

We live in Missouri and have had some major flooding in our state. My Internet service has been out for a week and they have just fixed it today. We have been having withdrawal symptoms around here, both my hubby and myself are addicted to the Internet.

So it’s a little late in coming but here is the article I wrote for Easter.

There are many people who collect eggs, like collector spoons they are in almost every souvenir shop, flea market and department store in the United States and abroad. There are no identification and price guides that I have found for collectible eggs so anybody out there wanting to create one it’s a wide-open field.
I had read an article in our local paper about a woman who had been collecting eggs for about 20 years. Like many of us, she started out with one, then somebody gave her one, and then she started picking them up on vacation. Then it just exploded, all her friends, relatives and acquaintances started giving them to her as gifts and the collection took on a life of it’s own.
She loaned the collection to the Library for the week prior to Easter and made a very nice display. I took a few pictures of her impressive collection, she has some old metal ones and the Humpty Dumpty eggs are adorable. Some of the eggs were ceramic, some were pewter, some metal, some crystal, some papier-mâché, some are old toys and some are new toys, some were very expensive looking and others could have been from the dollar store.
I had fun looking over the collection as many people in the community did. There were probably 175 eggs, it is a nice collection that started from one little egg.

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