Monday, March 10, 2008

Cookie Jars

Cookie Jars take up a lot of room and most collectors swear they must stop collecting them but somehow they never do. Collectors look for them in flea markets, yard sales, thrift stores and in every department store they come in contact with. If they are not looking for them the cookie jars seem to take on a life of their own and seem to jump out at them and say take me home. Like most collectors, cookie jar collectors are addicted!
Some of the more sought after cookie jars are Black Americana, Celebrity and Character related and figural cookie jars. These cookie jars are quite popular, some valuable some not but if a collector likes the look of them they will have no problem shelling out money for them regardless of value. However, condition is very important, I will always leave a chip and damaged one behind. In most cases chips & cracks can greatly diminish the value of any collectible.
Other popular cookie jars are advertising cookie jars such as the Planter Peanut Cookie Jar, which can be picked up quite reasonably on eBay occasionally. Cookie Jars that were used as an advertising premium are not only popular but also valuable. The Century 21 Cookie jar made in 1978 is an advertising cookie jar worth hundreds.
Cookie jars originating in a smaller ceramic studio are usually more valuable. These are generally limited edition cookie jars so they are both rare and pricey. Corl’s Kiln, K. Wolfe Studio, Linda Kulhanek, Clay Works, Twin Winton and Wisecarver Originals are just a few ceramic studio names that you might come across. You might want to research and invest in them. Some of these companies are no longer in business while others are still thriving. Anytime you are lucky enough to have an identifying mark, name or label on the bottom of a cookie jar research it. It makes the job of finding the value a hundred times easier!
Both collectors and sellers should be aware that there are many old vintage cookie jars and many reproductions that look like old vintage cookie jar so it is important to do your homework! There are many cookie jar identification and price guidebooks on the market today with information that can help identify the phony ones. Some of the cookie jars that have been reproduced are McCoy Cookie Jars, Many of the Mammy Cookie Jars, Figural Clowns, Dalmatians and Indians are heartily reproduced and Hull’s Little Red Riding Hood is another one that is quite often reproduced. There are probably many more but these are a few that I know of.
I bought the pictured cookie jar at a yard sale for $5 and it is adorable! It has a made in Japan sticker on the bottom. I have not done any research on it to find out what the value is, it fit in nicely with my collection of ceramic girls and ladies and displays nicely. I will eventually research and sell it but for now I think it’s cute and I will keep it.
Yard sale season is coming up within a few weeks and I really think the best place to buy vintage cookie jars is at yard sales. I’d advise both buyers and sellers to get out there early and look for those bargains, I can guarantee I will find and buy a few cookie jars over the season. Some of these will be common but I usually find at least one very valuable cookie jar in my yard sale jaunts. I hope you do too, it’s a great feeling for both resellers and collectors to get something valuable for next to nothing! Happy hunting to all of you!

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