Sunday, August 28, 2011

100 Mile Yard Sale & Storage Unit Auction All in One Weekend

      I was so excited Saturday, we were going to follow the 100 mile yard sale route and stop by a storage unit auction that had 36 units up for auction.  The build up was so much more than what actually happened. 
     The 100 miles were mostly rural so the yard sales were few and far between.  We had better luck in the towns than we did along the hwy route.  That being said, we found very little, it was hot and everybody seemed to be selling clothes.
      I did get a huge box of old diesel truck manuals for $3, I think I can make a decent profit off of  them.  Other than that I don't feel like I bought anything or even seen anything that was worth the half tank of gas we burnt up.
     We were late getting to the storage unit auction but they had quite a few units for auction.  Unlike Storage Wars and Auction Hunters, each unit was opened up.  The contents had all been rummaged through and if there was anything good left  it was brought to the front of the unit so there was no mystery to it.  Truly disappointing, I did not bid on any of them as there was nothing that wasn't exposed. 
     The newbies of course were bidding and bidding high.  The influence of shows like Storage Wars and Auction Hunters was clearly evident among the bidders.  We kind of milled around so we could see and hear what some of the auction winner won.  There were lots of people saying "this is just a bunch of junk" and "I just threw away my money".    Yep, I agree!!!
     Next week I am having my own garage sale, I've got to get rid of some stuff so I can have more room and more money to buy more.  Wish me luck, if you are near the K Hwy Storage Units I'll be there Friday and Saturday come check out my treasures.

Friday, August 26, 2011

100 Mile Yard Sale in Southwest Missouri 08-27-11

     Tomorrow's August 27, 2011 the is a 100 mile yard sale.  It starts in Ash Grove, goes up thru Everton on 160 hwy, thru Greenfield on 39 Hwy and includes, Pennsboro, Miller, Albatross, Mt Vernon, Hoberg, Verona & Aurora.  Hwy 60 thru Monett and Marionville, Hwy 265 out of Marionville more yard  sales thru Crane, Galena, Reeds Spring & Branson.  Lots of opportunities to find yard sale bargains & treasures!!!! 

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Beautiful Glass Baskets

     Today I went to an auction that featured fancy glass collectibles.   I know a couple of collectors that collect nothing but beautiful glass baskets and the auction bill stated  there were over 75 glass baskets up for bid.         
     While I got a few of these glass baskets I only stayed about an hour.  It was hot, the air didn't seem to be working and there were so many collectors there driving up the prices that I felt there was very little room for profit.
     What I did get will look good in a glass basket display and give my basket collectors some variety.  This first photo is a beautiful blue glass basket.  It has a thumbprint pattern, no stickers or markings but looks like a Fenton Basket.
The 2nd photo is another Fenton Basket, it is a beautiful soft aqua blue with deep blue highlights.

     The 3rd photo is also a Fenton Glass Basket complete with a paper Fenton sticker.  This fabulous glass basket is 10 1/2" tall, it's opalescent, it has a ruffled edge and has such a beautiful purple drapery effect.  This glass basket is just absolutely gorgeous!

     The 4th photo is a beautiful Art Nouveau Brides Basket.  This is just such a lovely piece of antique art glass.  Ruffles and crackle glass with a white gold pedestal that has three beautiful faces make this an exceptional glass basket! 

Friday, August 19, 2011

Buying Storage Units

     Yesterday I wrote a piece on my experience of buying storage units at an auction.  Today I want to show you some items that came out of the last storage unit auction I went to.
     This wonderful old Apple computer was one of the best items in my storage unit.  Of course it didn't look like this, this is the improved cleaned up version.  There were pieces and parts in several different boxes, all filthy by the way.  After cleaning them up and plugging them in this computer did in fact work.   I got a $30 offer, which I took just so I wouldn't have to move this 40 pound monstrosity around.
     Another lovely item and common find in a storage unit is mismatched Tupperware.  I never get the matched set, not even close.

     And of course every storage unit has a collection of AC adapters.  I'm not sure why people would store the adapters without the electronic piece it goes to or why they would keep the electronic piece and store the adapter but I can guarantee that every storage unit has several of these.
     I'm still looking for the storage unit auction WOW factor!!!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Buying Storage Units

     Because of the popularity of the A&E hit show Storage Wars, it has made it almost impossible to buy a storage unit at a auction at a afforadable price.  People pay so much more than they use to for these units.   While buying the units are fun and the treasure hunting aspect is exciting, there is so much work involved after the sale is over!   The show eludes to the fact that buying and selling storage units at a auction is a lot of work but they don't show just how much. 
     Most of us do not have a team of people unloading these storage units. If you buy a storage unit at a auction the rule of thumb is you have to empty the whole unit, you can't just take what you want and leave the rest, or at least that has been my experience.  With that in mind you have to have some place to go with everything in that storage unit. 
     Setting up a sorting area is the best thing you can do.  Line up tubs or boxes so you can unload specific items into them.  For the clothing I like to have several boxes.  I sort men, women, boy's, girl and accessories into seperate boxes.  From there I can sort into sizes.  Clothes are the worst thing to sort so if there are tons of them most of the time I just bag them up and take them to the nearest thrift store.  Don't get me wrong, there is alot of money in used clothing if you have the time and patience to sort them, wash them, mend them, and iron them when necessary.
      Glassware, knick knacks, tools, electronics, pictures, small appliances, games, toys, lamps, kitchenware the list just goes on and on and on of what you can typically pull out of a storage unit.  That means these items need to be taken to a business or a storage area if necessary for the swap meet.  Donations to a local thrift store or a consignment auction are other ways to get rid of unwanted items.  You might even have to make arrangement for a dumpster or trash service as there is always plenty of garbage in these storage units.
     I am very particular about cleaning the everyday items (knock the dust off but never scrub or polish vintage items or antiques).  I won't display a dirty item nor will I have a cluttered booth so that takes a lot of time and work.  I truely believe from experience that presentation sells an item.
     I load up a trailer, or make several trips in a van after the auction is over.  Working alone it might take me a couple of weeks to totally empty that trailer.
     Storage units, more often than not are filled with junk.  I have on occassion found a few treasures that bring quite a bit of money but that dosen't happen very often.   I, like the Storage Wars Cast do this for the WOW factor but in the past 15 years I've only had a couple of those WOW factors from storage units.  I do so much better at auctions, yard and garage sales and thrift stores. 
     I like most junkers would love to get ahold of some of the units that the Storage Wars cast buys!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Another Great Thrift Store Find: Hopalong Cassidy Books

     Yesterday I got some great deals at my local thrift store, a wonderful pipe holder / match holder / match striker.  They were promoting a upcoming book sale so I went this morning to check out the first day offerings.  I came across these old Hopalong Cassidy Books for children.  These were published in 1950 and were quite popular back then as well as today among collectors.
     Hopalong Cassidy was a fictional cowboy character in a book originally written by Clarence Mulford in 1904.  Over the years the original character which was a rude and rough talking cowboy took on a major image change to become a lovable cowboy in the movies and radio shows and was also re-invented in many of the books.   Many of the kids of the 30's, 40's, and 50's grew up with Hopalong Cassidy.
     This great  find was also a great bargain as the prices for all hardbacks were 50 cents and you got one free so they were a quarter each - not to bad for a couple of vintage collectible children's books.  

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Thrift Store Find: Bulldog Pipe Holder, Match Holder, Match Striker

    I got a very cool thrift store find today!  This bulldog is a very old piece of Austrian majolica.  This particular pipe holder or cigar holder is 7" tall and the bulldog smoking the pipe is a very rare piece.  The hole in the back holds the pipe or cigar, the pitcher has a striker which is a ribbed area and the bowl holds the matches.  There are stamps on the bottom Austria and the number "8133".  This piece is probably early 1900's.  Great bargain at $2 worth about $150.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Garage Sale Find: Griswold Cast Iron Kitchenware

     This week's best garage sale deal was a nice lot of Griswold Cast Iron.  Griswold manufactured Cast Iron pieces from 1865 to 1957.  The first and oldest pieces will be marked simply Erie, over the years the name Griswold and a trademark emblem was added. 
     Collectors always look for the words "Erie", "Erie, PA" or "Erie, PA USA", this identifies the pieces as being the oldest and also of being produced by the original manufacturer.  
     After the company sold in 1957 other manufacturers produced under the Griswold name, however, if you are collecting cast iron always look for the Erie name as it is much more valuable.    
     Wikipedia has some great  information on the various logo's throughout the years.  Also, if you do happen to find some Griswold at a yard sale or garage sale don't try to clean it up until you read about the procedures of cleaning cast iron.
      Flea Markets, estate sales, yard sales, garage sales and of course eBay are the best places to find the older Griswold.  I paid $50 for all these pieces and will probably make anywhere from $250 to $300 when I sell them. 
The above trivet is a vintage Griswold cast iron star trivet.  It's marked  Erie, PA

     Below is a Griswold cast iron skillet marked #10  it a Griswold Skillet # 716, notice the Griswold lettering is slanted inside the emblem.  Griswold with  italic lettering was produced from 1897 - 1920. It is also marked Erie.
The most interesting find is this Griswold cast iron Plett Pan shown below.  This is a vintage piece, probably from the 1950's.  The underside reads NO 34, GRISWOLD inside the Griswold emblem, also there is the number 2980 with an A.
     The Plett Pan is a Swedish pancake griddle, it can make 7 perfectly round pancakes each 3 1/4" diameter.   The pan itself  is approximately 9  1/2" in diameter.  The letter "A" makes this the first lettered Plett Pan that Griswold made. 
     This was a very good deal at $50 for all three pieces!!!


Monday, August 8, 2011

Lincoln Hwy Buy-Way Treasure: Square Cake Stand Made by Mosser

     Found in Iowa during the Lincoln Hwy Buy-Way Yard Sale  Two Beautiful Glass Square Cake Stands.  Square Cake Stands are usually very hard to find and usually very expensive when you do find them.  I found two at the same yard sale this weekend and got them for $20 for the pair.  See there is more than just junk at yard sales, this is a wonderful example of the treasures that you can find.
     This beautiful Cobalt Glass Square Cake Stand  10 1/2" wide by 6 1/2" tall, it is very heavy weighing 8 pounds.  This is a wonderful piece of handcrafted Mosser, made in the USA.  Mosser Glass has been in business for the past 30 years producing beautiful handcrafted products.

The other square cake stand is a lovely ruby red with a yellow-green Vaseline glass pedestal.  It has the same measurements but weighs about a pound less, it has a tag on it that says Made in Cambridge, OH which was home to many fine glass companies, however, I believe this cake stand is also made by Mosser.

See tomorrows blog entry for more of the treasures I found at the Lincoln Hwy Buy-Way Yard Sale this year.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

127 Corridor World's Longest Yard Sale Starts Tomorrow 8-4-11

     Just a reminder that tomorrow is the start of the 127 Corridor Sale.  It is touted as the world's longest yard sale and will start of Thursday August 4, 2011.  127 Corridor Sale.  This long yard sale runs through Alabama, Tennessee, Ohio, Kentucky and Michigan.  If you click on the link for the 127 Corridor website, then click on directions you'll be able to find out where the nearest jumping in point is. 
     A couple of tips for you yard sale enthusiasts:  Take a bag full of bags, many times the vendors run out early on so you are left to carry your items.  This really comes in handy if you need to wrap glassware as well. 
     If you have any type of cart with wheels, even an old suitcase you can use it as a shopping cart and or a place to stash your purchased breakables. At the very least you might want to take a backpack especially for the areas that you park and walk from vendor to vendor.
     Check out the towns if you find the traffic is backed up.  Most towns will have yard sales throughout the town, just about every street corner will have signs.
     If you are planning on making a  long weekend out of this check out some of the towns that will be holding festivals.  Many towns will have free entertainment and specialty foods along the way during the evening hours.  If you already have a route planned you can research which towns are holding festivals before you go.
     This weekend is suppose to be incredibly hot, so take a cooler with plenty of beverages and snacks, freeze some wet washcloths and freeze some water bottles before you go.  The water will melt to become ice water and if  you put your washcloths in baggies and put them in your cooler you can take them out as needed.  This is a great cooling down trick, very refreshing and energizing. 
     Have fun and be careful the traffic is usually crazy for both the drivers and the pedestrians.
     Check out the 127 Corridor website for maps, brochures, lodging, vendor information and other general information. 

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Thrift Store Find: Van Briggle Vases

     I have been to several auctions over the years and whenever a piece of Van Briggle is offered the antique and flea market dealers in the crowd go nuts.  Some of these pieces, honestly, are so ugly and yet they seem to bring big money.
     Last week I made a trip to one of the local thrift store and found two Van Briggle Vases with a $2. price tag on each.  I of course snapped them up.  It's not something that I collect but I can consign them to a auctioneer or put them in a flea market booth. 
    Van Briggle was established in 1901 and is still in operation today.  Soooo, not sure if these vases are old or not, I'll be researching these before I do anything but I'm sure I'll make a good profit on them. 

Monday, August 1, 2011

Auction Find: Weller Pottery

     Weller Pottery was started in 1872 by Samuel Weller.  Over the years Weller  produced many items including vases, crocks, bowls and planters.  With several pieces made over the years Weller Pottery Collectors enjoy a variety of choices. 
     Weller Pottery went out of business in 1948 so every piece of Weller you find now days will be vintage. If you come across any at a garage sale, yard sale, flea market, auction or thrift store don't hesitate on picking it up.
     This Beautiful Weller Vase is a auction find.  It is signed Weller Pottery on the bottom and like most Weller pieces I have found there are other numbers and writing on the bottom that are unreadable.  This piece of Weller has a lovely white embossed Cameo. This  paticular Weller vase is 9" tall and has a open rose with leaves, stems and closed roses, it is very striking against the light blue.