Friday, August 19, 2011

Buying Storage Units

     Yesterday I wrote a piece on my experience of buying storage units at an auction.  Today I want to show you some items that came out of the last storage unit auction I went to.
     This wonderful old Apple computer was one of the best items in my storage unit.  Of course it didn't look like this, this is the improved cleaned up version.  There were pieces and parts in several different boxes, all filthy by the way.  After cleaning them up and plugging them in this computer did in fact work.   I got a $30 offer, which I took just so I wouldn't have to move this 40 pound monstrosity around.
     Another lovely item and common find in a storage unit is mismatched Tupperware.  I never get the matched set, not even close.

     And of course every storage unit has a collection of AC adapters.  I'm not sure why people would store the adapters without the electronic piece it goes to or why they would keep the electronic piece and store the adapter but I can guarantee that every storage unit has several of these.
     I'm still looking for the storage unit auction WOW factor!!!

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