Monday, August 1, 2011

Auction Find: Weller Pottery

     Weller Pottery was started in 1872 by Samuel Weller.  Over the years Weller  produced many items including vases, crocks, bowls and planters.  With several pieces made over the years Weller Pottery Collectors enjoy a variety of choices. 
     Weller Pottery went out of business in 1948 so every piece of Weller you find now days will be vintage. If you come across any at a garage sale, yard sale, flea market, auction or thrift store don't hesitate on picking it up.
     This Beautiful Weller Vase is a auction find.  It is signed Weller Pottery on the bottom and like most Weller pieces I have found there are other numbers and writing on the bottom that are unreadable.  This piece of Weller has a lovely white embossed Cameo. This  paticular Weller vase is 9" tall and has a open rose with leaves, stems and closed roses, it is very striking against the light blue.

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