Saturday, August 20, 2011

Beautiful Glass Baskets

     Today I went to an auction that featured fancy glass collectibles.   I know a couple of collectors that collect nothing but beautiful glass baskets and the auction bill stated  there were over 75 glass baskets up for bid.         
     While I got a few of these glass baskets I only stayed about an hour.  It was hot, the air didn't seem to be working and there were so many collectors there driving up the prices that I felt there was very little room for profit.
     What I did get will look good in a glass basket display and give my basket collectors some variety.  This first photo is a beautiful blue glass basket.  It has a thumbprint pattern, no stickers or markings but looks like a Fenton Basket.
The 2nd photo is another Fenton Basket, it is a beautiful soft aqua blue with deep blue highlights.

     The 3rd photo is also a Fenton Glass Basket complete with a paper Fenton sticker.  This fabulous glass basket is 10 1/2" tall, it's opalescent, it has a ruffled edge and has such a beautiful purple drapery effect.  This glass basket is just absolutely gorgeous!

     The 4th photo is a beautiful Art Nouveau Brides Basket.  This is just such a lovely piece of antique art glass.  Ruffles and crackle glass with a white gold pedestal that has three beautiful faces make this an exceptional glass basket! 

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