Sunday, August 28, 2011

100 Mile Yard Sale & Storage Unit Auction All in One Weekend

      I was so excited Saturday, we were going to follow the 100 mile yard sale route and stop by a storage unit auction that had 36 units up for auction.  The build up was so much more than what actually happened. 
     The 100 miles were mostly rural so the yard sales were few and far between.  We had better luck in the towns than we did along the hwy route.  That being said, we found very little, it was hot and everybody seemed to be selling clothes.
      I did get a huge box of old diesel truck manuals for $3, I think I can make a decent profit off of  them.  Other than that I don't feel like I bought anything or even seen anything that was worth the half tank of gas we burnt up.
     We were late getting to the storage unit auction but they had quite a few units for auction.  Unlike Storage Wars and Auction Hunters, each unit was opened up.  The contents had all been rummaged through and if there was anything good left  it was brought to the front of the unit so there was no mystery to it.  Truly disappointing, I did not bid on any of them as there was nothing that wasn't exposed. 
     The newbies of course were bidding and bidding high.  The influence of shows like Storage Wars and Auction Hunters was clearly evident among the bidders.  We kind of milled around so we could see and hear what some of the auction winner won.  There were lots of people saying "this is just a bunch of junk" and "I just threw away my money".    Yep, I agree!!!
     Next week I am having my own garage sale, I've got to get rid of some stuff so I can have more room and more money to buy more.  Wish me luck, if you are near the K Hwy Storage Units I'll be there Friday and Saturday come check out my treasures.

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