Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Costume Jewelry

Inexpensive costume jewelry has been around for centuries, now days antique jewelry encompasses both fine and cheap jewelry of years past. Costume Jewelry is a fashion statement that changes era after era. Styles and designs continuously change influenced by the tastes and popularity of our society.
It is considered fashionable to wear vintage costume jewelry, many of the pieces are sheik and beautiful. Some are so intricate they can be described as breathtaking. There are many collectors of vintage costume jewelry who both collect and wear their treasures. Flea Markets and eBay are the best places to find a large variety of vintage styles. You can also find some pretty good deals at yard sales every once in awhile. The jewelry in the picture is from a recent box of junky jewelry I got at an auction for $3.00. Some of it will go in my flea market booth and I think I might put the butterfly pins on ebay next week.
Many collectors look for signed pieces or particular pieces such as brooches or rings or necklaces but most collect everything that catches their eye. Costume Jewelry is made from many different materials such as gold, silver, beads, plastic, celluloid, wood, leather and metal. Stones such as pearls, colored glass and rhinestones are extremely popular.
Some popular designers of costume jewelry are Eisenberg, Monet, Trifari, Weiss, Hobe, Haskell, Coro, Kramer,and Lisner. If you are a reseller these signed pieces are much more valuable so do your research on them. If you plan on selling costume jewelry at a flea market or antique store signed pieces of jewelry should be kept in a lock box. I've had many beautiful pieces of costume jewelry walk off so now I lock it all up regardless of the value. If you are a jewelry collector keep in mind that these unique pieces can be worn stylishly today and will probably increase in value in years to come.
Whatever your tastes are in costume jewelry buy pieces you really like, wear it and enjoy it. Accessories tend to make you look and feel stylish and they give us a little spark of confidence. Like beautiful jewelry we all like to sparkle and shine and little pieces of jewelry really help.

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