Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Fenton Epergne

A large Fenton Epergne Vase is a centerpiece bowl. The base has a ruffled edged bowl that usually holds one to three vases called horns. I believe the intentions of this Epergne was to hold flowers in both the bowl and the horns although I have never actually seen an Epergne displayed with flowers. In an antique store sitting it’s all about the glass, maker and age so I might be wrong about the flowers. However, the original Fenton Epergne came with a flower frog so I can’t help but think that Fenton Epergne’s were elaborate flower vases.
I just looked up the definition of an epergne and it says Epergne's have been around for centuries and the horns usually held flowers, fruit or candies. So unless anyone out there has any other information I’m going to assume I’m right.
Fenton Epergne’s come in many different colors, size and art glass patterns. The Carnival Glass Epergne pictured is circa 1970's I believe and it is in the Diamond Lace Pattern. The green Epergne is called Green Emerald Opalescent in the Hobnail pattern circa. 1961-62.
My husband thought these were very gaudy the first time he seen one and I had no clue what one would use it for but over the years these have grown on me. I have a bad habit of trying to make everything have a useful purpose but now I just view it as a beautiful piece of artwork. The colors and quality of the glass have a beauty of it’s own and yes it does makes a beautiful centerpiece display!

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Antique Carnival Glass said...

Hi. Nice blog. I learned a lot about Fenton Epergne. These vases are fabulous and the colors are a delight to the eyes. The ruffled edges are an added beauty. I enjoyed the read. Thank you.