Friday, April 18, 2008

Jeanette Glass Company

The Jeanette Glass Company is popular today for depression era glassware but the company actually got started making hand made bottles back in the late 1880's. In 1899 the O'Neil automated glass blowing machine came out, with this machine the Jeanette Glass Company started producing a variety of glass objects which included among other things automobile headlights and glass blocks for buildings.
It wasn't until 1924 that they created a line of tableware that became quite popular and is today highly collectible. Jadeite kitchen items and Delphite glassware are among the highly collectible depression era glass which the Jeanette Glass Company once produced. In the 1960' s Jeanette Glass Company bought out the McGee division of another company and that too became a highly collectible line.
There are several patterns that the Jeanette Glass Company produced and are sought after by collectors. These include Windsor, Iris and Herringbone, Floral, Cubist, Cherry Blossom, Swirl, Doric, Poinsettia, and Anniversary.
The photo above is of two shell pink covered candy dishes, the creamy soft color gives them a delicate look but they are actually quite heavy. These two candy dishes are pieces of Jeanette Glass from the 1940's era.
Identification of Jeanette Glass is easy when you find pieces marked with a J in a Square, J in a Triangle and a J inside of goblets, however, not all pieces are marked.
The Jeanette Glass Company closed it's plant in 1983. You can find many of their collectible pieces on eBay and other Internet antique websites. Antique stores and flea markets are also a good place to find these highly collectible pieces. There are literally hundreds of depression glass identification and information books on the market and in the library that can help educate both sellers and collectors on the Jeanette Glass Company and the many pieces they produced.

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