Thursday, April 3, 2008

Vintage Push Lawn Mower

Manual push lawn mowers were invented back in the 19th century. Originally a big cumbersome looking monstrosity they were quickly improved upon. Basically it looks the same now as it has for over a hundred and fifty years. These push mowers were extremely popular in the first half of the twentieth century. I vaguely remember seeing my brother push one of these when I was really little, however, gasoline motorized lawn mowers came of age in the early 1960's and we must have upgraded with the rest of America.
In the past few years these push lawn mowers have made a comeback. Gas has gotten so expensive and people have become environmentally conscience. For small yards this is a perfect solution for a number of issues. Exercise, go green and saving a buck are very good reasons to go out and buy one of these push mowers.
They actually do make new model push lawn mowers, that not only cut the grass well but makes your lawn look like the greens on a golf course. The pictured push mower is a vintage lawn mower, I purchased it at an auction for $17. Hubby thought he was going to put in a mini-golf course on our property and this little gem has been sitting in our shop for 5 years waiting for that to happen.
I've seen these in flea markets and antique shops priced anywhere from $35 to $135. My old vintage mower has a wood handle and a heavy iron shaft and blades. It is heavy pushing and seems to get heavier the longer you push. It was once a green color but now has a fine coating of rust on it. The newer models are much lighter and easier to push, they cost on an average $150 - $200. They are brightly painted but they do the same job as my old vintage one.
I think hubby has had enough time to use this treasure so it's going into my flea market booth this spring. It's probably a good thing it has sat so long, many times if you hold onto a unwanted item long enough it becomes hot again. I think this summer both the weather and the push lawn mowers will be hot.


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