Monday, November 24, 2008

Waterford Crystal

Waterford glassware is beautiful high-end cut crystal glassware. The company, was located in Ireland and produced goregous glassware from the late 1700's to 1851. After a hundred year hiatius The Waterford Glasssworks also located in Ireland began producing glassware similar to the original.

Waterford Glass is still high-end cut crystal glassware. It will bring top dollar at an auction, however, not every Waterford item you come across is from the Waterford Glassworks Company. Some antique stores, auctioneers and flea markets tend to refer to Waterford as a type of glass and in many cases it is not made by Waterford, it is just beautiful decorative cut crystal. If it doesn't have a sticker or label saying Waterford be sure to research!

Always do a little research before delving into buying any glassware. To me glassware is hard to identify and sometimes hard to sell. Although Waterford Crystal is beautiful the right customer has to come along in order to sell it.

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