Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Antique Toys

I attended an auction recently that had several antique toys. While I'm not a toy collector I always find it fancinating to see these old toys. Most are well constructed with a lot of hand painting and / or fabrication. They have a innocence about them as opposed to today's plastic choices.

Some of these items were extremely simple in both concept and decoration but totally charming from era's that are long gone. It is also fancinating to watch and listen to the people bidding on them. So many of these people have a story or memory of the toys they want to purchase and money seems to be no object.

The little cart was a child's cart that could have been hooked up to a miniature horse or somebody mentioned a goat, it was really cute!

The scooter was 1940's vintage, it was very well perserved.

The rocking horse base was made of oak, it was extremely heavy. The horse wasn't a rocking horse but a glider horse. I'm really not sure what kind of wood was used but it appeared to have been carved and painted.

This was a fun auction, the toys were just so different than what you see on the shelves at Toys R Us or Walmart!

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