Thursday, November 13, 2008

Carnival Glass

This week I went to an auction that featured a lot of marigold carnival glass. For anyone that doesn't know what carnival glass is you might want to take a trip to a local flea market where you will probably find a piece or two.

Carnival glass is a pressed glass that has a variety of colors in the glass. It's exterior lustre is a product of glass coated with a sodium solution before being fired. The result is a beautiful colorful exterior lustre.

Original pieces are dated back to the early 1900's to the late 1920's. Companies such as Fenton, Northwood, Millersburg, McKee, Westmoreland and Cambridge all produced carnival glass and these pieces seem to bring top dollar at any auction today.

Reproduction of this glass started in the 1950's and every decade or so more reproduction. Quality in reproduction pieces is essential to a collector, while most are willing to pay big bucks the quality is usually the meter to how high those big bucks will go.

If you are a carnival glass collector you should check out the American Carnival Glass Association

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