Saturday, November 8, 2008

Paul Revere Pottery

What started as a social improvement experiment ended up with a four kiln pottery that ran from 1915 to 1946. The "Saturday Evening Girls" were the employed artists - a group of mostly Jewish and Italian immigrates.

Situated in Boston this group of girls and the pottery are a special piece of history for the region.

The Pottery made vases, miniature jugs, children's tea sets, lamps and dinnerware. Today they are very collectible, extremely rare and very expensive.

The featured photo is a miniature jug, the artwork is a chicken and a chick and reads "The Hen and One Chick". It is only 3 1/4" tall but is in great condition. This jug sold for just under $900 on eBay.

These pottery pieces are painted on the bottom with P.R.P. which stands for "Paul Revere Pottery" or S.E.G. which stands for "The Saturday Evening Girls". The one pictured has S.E.G. on the bottom.

If you are interested in reading the history of this topic check out this interesting article on the history of Paul Revere Pottery.

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