Sunday, November 2, 2008

Happy Belated Halloween!

Ok, so I'm a little late. I had planned to write an article on collecting Halloween decorations and Halloween related collectibles. A funny thing happen on the way to the blogger, I got busy with my own Halloween party and didn't have enough time to do much of anything besides decorate.

We are avid Halloween Party Nuts! About 5 years ago we found out my brother-in-law had a huge collection of Halloween stuff, so that year we had our first Halloween party at our house with all his stuff. Since that time it has grown by leaps and bounds, we have gotten into the Halloween decorations big time. I now look for any and all Halloween decor at yard sales and thrift stores and we are the biggest fans of the "day after" clearance sales at Walmart.

Hubby has made a full graveyard, complete with a wood fence, a arched cemetery sign and lots of wood headstones with clever names painted on them. Another brother-in-law has a neighbor that bought a full size casket at an auction (not even I would do that) and he lent it to us for the party this year, it was the centerpiece of the deck! Between the two families we have about 50 masks (really cool masks), several blow-ups, 2 fog machines, several fiber optic decorations and boxes and boxes of table-top decorations.

It takes us days to get ready for the party, about 4 hours for the party and a full day of picking up and putting away but everybody always seems to have a good time and we enjoy our efforts for the brief time the decorations are up.

Below are a few of our Halloween decorations


So if you are a Halloween Guru you are in good company as the Halloween Party Supply industry is a multi-million dollar business. Just keep in mind that the best finds are generally before the holiday starts so always keep an eye out at flea markets and yard sales year round. You never know, you just might end up with tubs and tubs of Halloween decor like we did. Happy Halloween Everybody!!!

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