Tuesday, August 12, 2008

My eBay Store - Madison Place Flea Market

The on-going saga of my eBay Store hasn't gotten much better. This is day eleven and I'm not impressed by the quantity of items sold out of the store. It is very dissapointing!

In just this short time that I've had the eBay store open I've already learned that the dollar items I thought I could unload aren't selling any better than they did in my flea market booth. AS a matter of fact they are not worth the time and effort to list them. Once they run their 30 days I'll take the $1 items off and bundle them up. For example, the books I can sell by the box so I'll try to sell them by the box load. I'll just donate the rest of it to a local thrift store and list better quality items. I'm not sure if that will help the situation but I'm gonna try.

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