Sunday, August 10, 2008

Bargains Galore on 64

Well we just got back from out trip to Arkansas. Bargains Galore on 64 is a 200 mile yard sale and I think we did it credit we drove at least 150 miles.

I have mixed feelings about the whole thing. We use to be able to pick up some real bargains to resell but I think they have caught on to that fact and decided to make the money themselves. Some of the items, at least 75% were marked so high unless you were a collector you couldn't afford to buy them to resell. We did find a few good buys like a box full of vintage knives for $5.

A collection of Precious moments for $25.

These Candlewick Goblets were a steal at $10 for all of them.

We got a Corona Neon Sign for $10

Take a look at the table full of vases, I didn't buy any, they were beautiful but at $15 each I couldn't afford to buy them to resell.

There was also nice antique furniture along the way, but we left that there as well, it was just to high to resell. This dresser was $300, it needed repairs so it really wasn't worth the price.

This lovely antique couch was beautiful but at $1500 there was no room for much profit in my neck of the woods.

We did buy a bunch of stuff for my Flea Market Booth and for eBay but just nothing major, it is mostly usable stuff. A new First Alert 2ND Story Ladder - brand new for $5, I'll put it in my booth because eBay is saturated with them. I got a bunch of Play Station games and again eBay is saturated with them so they will go in my booth as well. I got some small end tables, some patio furniture, a bunch of knick knacks, some Corelle dishes, some pool floaties, a couple of lamps, just a bunch of this and that. I also got some motocross accessories - helmet, boots, gloves, chest protector, etc which I will put on eBay. Check it out at

We did have a nice weekend, Arkansas is a beautiful state and we enjoyed each little town along the way. We stayed at a motel in Alma, AR, we had ribs at Famous Dave's in Fayetteville which were delicious! We had great Mexican Food in Fort Smith and the best part is we got away for the weekend.

Business wise I'll probably only make as much as we spent so not likely any profit but that's the way it goes sometimes. We had fun doing what I like doing - yard sailing, so that's worth the trip in itself!

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