Sunday, August 17, 2008

Beer Collectibles

People collect everything, it just amazes me! A few weeks ago I went to an auction that had a lot of beer collectibles and I was really surprised about the stuff people were bidding on.

Old used assorted beer cans were selling by the flat. Beer posters and sales advertising seemed to be very popular. Books on how to brew, beer tappers, large glass bottles (like the old sparklets water bottles) and even old beer bottles. The uncommon brands seem to sell better than the commonly known brands.

Keg taps and beer tap handles were another hot item. There were assorted brands and while many were made of wood there were also some plastic and ceramic handles. They sold them individually for a while then they started boxing them up and selling them as lots. Most of the lots brought over a hundred dollars each. I didn't know enough about them to know if they would sell on eBay so I didn't buy any.

When I got home I looked up these old beer taps and like most items on eBay this particular market is saturated with them. I really don't think I've could have made any money on them so I'm glad I didn't jump in there and start bidding.

There does seem to be a market for these collectibles, at least there were a lot of men bidding on these. If I ever come across them again I might buy a few to put in my lockbox at the Flea Market. You never know when that right person might be looking for a high priced beer handle.

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