Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Ugly Christmas Sweater's

     As hard as I find it to believe this year ugly Christmas sweater's are the "in thing".  As near as I can tell the uglier the better!  I really have seen some hideous ones out there and they seem to come in a variety of styles. 
     There are ugly Christmas vests and ugly Christmas causal sweatshirts and ugly Christmas dressy sweaters.  Each and everyone tacky and they are selling like hotcakes!  Why I even found a sweater dress that I can only say "what were you thinking" when I saw it.
     Business's endorse these ugly Christmas Sweater's with their names. Bud light actually has one heck of a ugly Christmas Sweater that not only lights up but has Santa holding a can of beer.
     I went into a local thrift shop the other day and for about $2 each you can buy them all day long.  I didn't want to buy to many because I was afraid the boom would bust and I'd be stuck with a bunch of hideous, tacky sweaters that I'd never wear. 
     That being said, I just thought of a great Christmas Party game.  When the guests arrive they have to change into one of these ugly Christmas Sweater's and everybody will vote on the tackiest one.  I could take group and individual pictures that's always fun, especially if they eventually give you leverage when you need it.  I can't think of anybody I know who would actually want anybody they know to see them in one of these.  It could be a really fun threat! 
     I just might go back to that thrift store today, I hear some ugly Christmas Sweaters calling my name.

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