Monday, December 5, 2011

Celluloid Christmas Ornaments

     Vintage Christmas ornaments and decorations are hot during the holiday season.  Whenever I buy Christmas ornaments and decorations during the summer at yard sales I always look for the vintage variety and box them up to sell during the Christmas season. 
     If you like to go to estate sales or auctions you will discover that these, more likely than not, will have lots of vintage Christmas boxes to bid on.  Look for celluloid, glass, beaded, vintage homemade, vintage ceramic, flocked and felt ornaments and decorations.  The felt elves are a hot commodity this year, it truly surprised me at how much people will pay for a couple of felt elves.
     Today I unboxed some old celluloid Christmas Ornaments I found at a auction.  These are highly collectible, the older the better for collectors.  Ebay here I come.

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Anonymous said...

Can you remember what you bought them for or plan to sell them for? Not looking to buy,just trying to price a few of my own.