Thursday, December 8, 2011

Kindle Fire vs iPad 2

     Having access to the internet when you are at a yard sale, estate sale or auction is one of the best tools any reseller can have.  It takes the guess work out of the unknown treasure.  I just plug in any questionable item into eBay and if that particular item is getting bids or seem valuable I buy it.  It give me an idea what it will bring and a idea of what I can pay for it to make a profit.   If there are a thousand of the same item on there with no bids I can walk away from it with my money still in my pocket.
     I've been kicking around the idea of getting either an Kindle Fire or a ipad 2.  This is what I have found in my research.

ipad 2                                                Kindle Fire
Price:                   $500-$800                                           $199
Battery Life:           8.3 Hours                                            8.0 Hours
Size:                       9.50" x 7.31"                                      7.5" x 4.7"
Weight:                  1.33 lbs                                              .91 lbs
Cameras:                2                                                         0
Space                    16-64 GB                                             8 GB
WiFi                      Yes                                                      Yes
3G                         Yes                                                      Yes
Cloud Network       Yes                                                      Yes

     The Kindle Fire lets you check email, read documents, and use unlimited apps. Looks great and extremely hard to break. Although the Fire doesn't come with all of the iPad features, it is $300 cheaper than the cheapest iPad 2 option. The better value seems to be a no brainer, The Kindle Fire wins hands down.
     The iPad 2 is the best of the best as far as tablets go. It has all of the entertainment capabilities the Kindle Fire does but has more in the way of productivity organization especially for a small business. The iPad 2 is also visually larger, much easier to use, much easier to see. 
     I'd like some input, if anybody out there would like to share their thoughts and opinions on either the Kindle Fire or the iPad 2, I'd love to hear from you.  

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