Friday, July 6, 2012

Marx Presidents Collector Sets

     Back in the 60's Marx started making President figurines as play sets.  They were made in Hong Kong, they were 2 3/4" tall, hand painted, hard plastic and stood on a gold painted base. 
     The last name of the president, the number of president he was, and the years they served were impressed on the base.  These were displayed on a Styrofoam stand, that looked very impressive with foam pillars and steps.  Each president number was in a circle on the Styrofoam so you knew where to place him on the steps.
     I came across one at a yard sale last week and she only wanted $5 for it so I snapped it up.  I set it up on my kitchen table and everybody that came over last weekend was just enthralled by it.  They kept picking up the pieces and trying to mix them up, inspected them and dubbed it one of my coolest finds this year.
     It turns out they are valuable so I listed the set on ebay.  It had all the presidents from Washington to Nixon and was only missing one of the pillars.  I put it on eBay for $50 and sold it within a few days.
     In doing some research I found that they still make the presidents.  The yard sale lady told me her children played with it as young children, she was 78 years old.  Now days they are collector items.  They make them just exactly the way they did back in the 60's, they even have President Obama now. 
     However, in the spirit of money, they also make the supreme court justices, the presidential candidates - yes there is a Mitt Romney and of course Sarah Palin has also been added.  Why I don't know but who could forget Sarah?  Apparently nobody.


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