Thursday, July 5, 2012

Art Glass Vases

     I found some beautiful pieces of art glass at a couple of yard sales this past week.  The beautiful green vase is about 8" tall and has some beautiful coloring!  It has pointy ruffles, I just love the color and shape of this glass.  This piece of art glass isn't marked which I absolutely hate as I could spend hours and hours researching art glass and never find the maker.  That being said even if I can't find the maker I think it is a beautiful vase!!!
     The second piece is a super small 2" vase, It's really a toothpick holder and it is signed by Joe Zimmerman.  
     The Zimmerman Art Glass Company has been in business for several years in Corydon, Indiana.  Joe Zimmerman was a famous glassblower.  I bought this little gem for $2 at a yard sale and expect to make $20-$30 when I sell it.

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