Saturday, May 14, 2011

Nailsea Art Glass

     Nailsea Art Glass is identified by it's beautiful threading of color.  The exterior of the pictured bowl has applied threading on the hand crimped ruffled edge.  The bowl is blown of clear glass and opal white, the threading is cranberry.  Nailsea Crown Glass & Bottle Manufactures in Nailsea, near Bristol, England lent their name to this style of glass, however,  Nailsea usually is referred to as the pattern and not the maker as many, many glass manufacturers produced Nailsea Art Glass over the years.
     Nailsea was originally made in the 18th century during the Victorian Era, these rare early pieces are very old and very valuable.  Because of high taxes on flint glass and no taxes on bottle and window glass, Nailsea Art Glass was born.  It became a common practice for bottle and window glass companies to produce tableware.  To dress these items up a bit they added lines and white dots, creating something beautiful out of something ordinary.
    The antique Nailsea Art Glass is rarely marked with any glass manufacturers identification.  Today, Nailsea is often a description of any glass item that has lines that have been pulled and combed.

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