Monday, May 23, 2011

Garage Sale Find: 1937 Restaurant Menu

Saturday's best garage sale find was a couple of very old restaurant menu's.  This particular menu was in the best condition, it's dated 1937.  "The Shack" offered sandwiches, daily specials,  soups & salads, deserts & drinks.  You could have a deluxe hamburger with everything on it for 40 cents and a piece of pie afterwards for 20 cents.  
These vintage menu's are fun to look through, the graphics and the prices are usually very interesting.  From an artistic point of view there are many different styles, ranging from very plain to cute, some even beautiful.            
These old menu's are also quite collectible.  There are collector's of restaurant memorabilia, vintage menu collector's, vintage graphic arts collector's, and people who collect items from their home town or city.   In  this particular case collector's of Hollywood memorabilia would also be interested in this menu.
The most collectible of these vintage menus are usually the menu's with art work, especially if the artist was well known or has become well known after death. 
This was a $2 find, I will probably list it on eBay for $10-$20 and see what happens.  

Email me pictures of your best weekend find!

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