Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Fenton Burmese Diamond Optic Art Glass

I have been featuring Fenton from a 28 year collection for a few weeks now. The owners are downsizing and have to part with the biggest part of their collection. Take a look at some of the older posts to see several decades of Fenton's beautiful art glass.

The Beautiful Fenton Burmese Vase & Pitcher are in the Diamond Optic design. The dainty vase is only 4" tall and very pretty. It is hand painted by J. Curtshaw and Bill Fenton. The raised ribbon on the top compliments the ruffed edge.

The 6" pitcher is in the same design and signed by J. Dowler and Dan Fenton. The pretty roses and little blue flowers would make these pieces a perfect spring display in any home!

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