Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Watt Pottery

I recently went to an auction that featured vintage pottery. There was quite a few pieces of Watt Pottery which is quite collectible among country antique lovers.

Watt Pottery produced pottery from 1922 - 1935 in Crooksville, Ohio. This simply decorated yellow-ware pottery looks great in a country kitchen. I had few Watt Collectors in my Flea Market that would pay top dollar for any piece that I came across.

Patterns include Apple, Autumn Foliage, Cherry, Dutch Tulip, Morning-Glory, Pansy, Rooster, Tear Drop, Starflower, and Tulip.

Many of the pieces still bring top dollar, the mixing bowl brought $85, the little creamer brought $100 and the cookie jar (not pictured) brought $300 at the auction. Watt Pottery is a great example of vintage quality pottery

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