Thursday, March 19, 2009

Collecting Antique Fishing Lures

Antique & Vintage Fishing Lures seem to hold a fascination among anybody who loves to fish. Many of the early lures were handmade from wood and wire from fishermen around the world. Most of these of course are unmarked but a collector will know the age of an old lure just by looking at it.

Collectors look for these old lures at flea markets, yard sales, along fishing banks and in family tackle boxes. If the condition and paint is still good many collectors will pay top dollar.

Early companies that manufactured lures include Heddon, Shakespeare, Eger, Creek Chub, South Bend and Wilson.

I use to get quite a bit of money out of the lures with the glass eyes and those made of wood but like everything else eBay has put an end to those kind of values, so if you want to collect a certain brand or a certain kind try looking there first.

I always try to take a magnifying glass and see if I can find a manufacturer's name on these old lures, from there I can research the Internet for type and age. The boxes above are a collection of lures that I have picked up from swap meets, flea markets and yard sales.

Their value has gone down considerably but I do like to have a little of everything to offer in my flea market booths.

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