Thursday, February 12, 2009

Nintendo System

Back in the 80's Nintendo was a big thing and one year we bought our kids a Nintendo NES console system as a reward. It was the beginning of summer and they had earned good grades throughout the year. Back in those days we were always strapped for cash so this was a real treat and a surprise as well. I had put it on Lay-a-way and on the last day of school we took them out to dinner and then went and picked it up.

They were ecstatic, it was really cool back then and they conquered Mario Bros and Frogger, and on to the more complicated Zelda and many others. They loved playing it and took turns playing it and fighting over who's turn it actually was.

They would blow the dust out on a daily basis and play for hours. Life was good. Nowadays, kids seem to have several versions of electronic games. X-Box, Play Station and Wii to name a few. This past summer I found a Nintendo NES at a yard sale for $10 and for old times sake bought it. Every time I come across Nintendo games at yard sales I buy them up, we are building a library of old games.

We hooked the system up for the grandkids who by the way love it, especially the 5 year old, he has a blast playing the games. My 30 something son even suggested we have a Nintendo game marathon which sounds like fun but he was always the best player and his turn never seems to end so I don't know if it will be that fun or not. What I do know is it was well worth the ten bucks I gave for it! It is a special memory to us. It must be special to many others as well. I see tons of these games on eBay and they all seem to get bids.

If you do run across any Nintendo games or the console units in your travels you might want to pick them up. They do seem to sell well both on eBay and in my flea market booth. If you are not a player you could make a little extra cash selling it to the people who are either nostalgic or addicted, either way it would be a win-win situation!

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