Monday, February 16, 2009

Hall Jewel Tea Autum Leaf

In 1933 The Jewel Company contracted with the Hall Company to produce a set of dishes to be used as a premium. Salesmen would entice housewives on their routes to buy these dishes for everyday use. The Jewel Tea Autumn Leaf Pattern was a instant hit with many of the housewives who bought their wares from these travelling sales men during the early years of its production.

Everyday dishes, bowls, canisters, salt & pepper sets, tea sets, coffee pots, water jars, candy dishes, every imaginable piece produced was very popular in many kitchens throughout the United States.

It's run from 1933 to 1976 sold millions of pieces and although it tried unsuccessfully to make a comeback in the late 70's the early pieces have never lost their popularity.

Today Jewel Tea pieces are quite collectible. I recently went to an auction that featured several pieces of this Jewel Tea Autumn Leaf pattern and every piece offered went quite high.
If you are a collector you can find it in many antique stores and flea markets throughout the country. There are also several online antique stores and of course eBay has several pieces for sale.

This pattern makes a great display in a country themed kitchen. If you are willing to pay the price there are many sources and opportunities to add to your collection.

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