Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Christmas Collectibles

During the month of December I want to highlight all the Christmas ornaments and decorations I've come across during the year.

I love to decorate for Christmas and have no particular theme, I just have to find it cute. Some of these were found at auctions, some at flea markets and yard sales. I tend to buy and weed these out every year so I always have something new for the house and something to go into my booth and some for eBay.

If you have any great Christmas finds, email me a picture and I will post it this month. Merry Christmas!

These little deer are a soft plastic, probably made in Japan or Hong Kong.

This hodge podge came in a box at a auction for a buck.

These cute roly poly figures are probably from the 1950's era.

This little girl is just darling, she is marked napco 1956.
These outdoor carolers are 4 feet tall, one of the boys' has a black eye, very cute.

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