Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Vernon Ware

Vernon Kilns was a California Company that produced figurines, vases, pottery, dinnerware and souvenir plates. They operated out of Vernon, California from 1930 to 1958. Below are some of the dinnerware patterns produced by Vernon Kilns:

The "Mayflower" cup and saucer pictured below was one of the more popular patterns.

The "Tickled Pink" dishes are popular with collectors today.

Vernon Kilns produced the pattern "Organdie" from 1937 to 1958. Organdie shown below is a plaid pattern with yellow circled around brown stripes.

In 1958 Vernon Kilns closed up shop, however, Metlox another great California Pottery Company purchased the molds and with a special license was able to produce them under the same name. Most of these pieces are marked Authentic Vernon Ware. Some will have the Metlox name, some do not.

The set of dishes below is quite similar to the one above but as you can see the colors are brighter and the lines are more clearly defined. This very popular pattern called “Homespun” was produced under the Vernon Kilns name.

"Fruit Basket", shown below, is another Vernonware pattern produced by Metlox.

There are many, many patterns that were produced by Vernon Kilns. The library is a good place to research Vernon Ware. A internet search of Vernonware, Vernon Ware, Vernon Kilns, Metlox and California Pottery are your best bet when researching Vernon Ware.

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