Sunday, October 5, 2008

Collecting Roosters

If you are into decorating with roosters you will find several different versions in almost every flea market in the United States. It seems like the country kitchen decor calls for at least one rooster if not several.

I’ve seen roosters stamped into furniture, canister sets, rugs, dishes, glasses, pottery, tablecloths & napkins and pots & pans. These items seem to be very common in a rooster decorated kitchen.

I have seen so many artistic versions of the rooster that I know the barnyard version and the art deco version can create very different decorating schemes.

You can decorate with mass-produced roosters, vintage roosters or unique roosters that are made of different compositions. They can be very colorful or have muted colors or even a gold or brass tone.

Roosters with color promote a definite country feel regardless of what room in your home you are decorating.

A room painted with earth colors and trimmed in dark wood can be decorated with brass or gold tone roosters. Throw in some pottery and splashes of red or even a few colorful roosters here and there and it will add a flair of elegance to that country theme.

No matter what your style or budget is you can find these roosters in dollar stores, variety stores, online stores, eBay, and even flea markets. Yard sales and auctions are also a great place to find them.

Happy Hunting!

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