Monday, July 28, 2008

Oriental Tea Set

My niece collects oriental tea sets, I have found that they are very collectible and there have been several manufacturers of these tea sets throughout the years. Some are antique, some vintage and some new. Many have dragons that have been hand painted with a raised painted effect. There are also many bright and colorful floral tea sets.

This past weekend I found this lovely dragon teapot with cups, saucers, creamer and sugar bowl at a yard sale. They had the set marked $12 and I offered $10 only to be told this was the last day of the sale and everything was 1/2 price so I ended up with it for $6. It is stamped Made in Japan on the bottom in red. I think it's probably from the 60's, maybe 70's era.

The second photo is a picture of a dragonware cup. It is marked Mikoniko China, Manufactured in Japan. I believe this is a little older, maybe 1950's.
I got this lovely cup and saucer for a dollar.

The last photo is of a new set, beware the blue and white sets, they are mass manufactured so if you are wanting vintage look it over very closely.
I got this set at the same yard sale for $2.

My niece isn't picky, she just loves the oriental look and will collect new, old and everything in between. She's gonna love all these peices!

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