Saturday, June 28, 2008

Great Yard Sale Finds

There’s no doubt about it, I love to yard sale. Before gas got so high I would actually drive to the nearest big city, which is 30 miles away, and just drive up and down the streets in search of several yard sales. The gas situation has put a damper on my plans for endless yard sailing this year but I do try to go to most of the yard sales in our small community. This weekend I did find a couple to go to and I found a few good items that I’ll probably put on eBay. The photo's below are a sample of the treasures I found this weekend.

Pink, yellow, white and wine multicolored end of day vase 6” tall - $3

1967 Twiggy Colorforms - Box is intact but shabby looking with ink writing on both the front and back - .50 cents

Pretty pink art glass vase 8” tall - $3.00

One lot of 25 postcards - $1.00

Beer Bottle Capper - 22” tall, marked Indestro MFG C Chicago - $2.00

10” Elvis Presley Clock $3 - not old

Elvis Presley Blanket, $5.00 new like in package

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