Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Beautiful Amethyst Purple Vases

     It must be purple day, I found amethyst purple vases at almost every garage sale I hit today.  This beautiful pair measures a little over 6" tall.  They are from the Imperial Glass Co, both are marked on the bottom with the "I" Over "G" logo.  The base of the vase is amethyst and from there the carnival glass sheen has green, red, and violet.  The pattern has hob star & feather in it, I lent out my carnival glass books so at the moment I'm not exactly sure of the pattern name.  I got these for next to nothing, paying only $5 for the pair. 
     The solid purple vase has a crimped edge, it is 8" tall and there are no markings but very pretty. I only paid $5 for that as well.   I happen to love purple so all of these will look great with my purple glass until I decide it's time to move them out for something new.  

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